The Eagles in Australia – Week 2

Candace ShawEstancia, Latest News

First day back at school for week two and we took part in a cooking class. We had the chance to try Kangaroo meat, bake ANZAC biscuits and decorate a Pavlova. Period 2 was with our host in their scheduled class. Period 3 we took a Science Class, and dissected a bulls eye which was super exciting. Our chaperone Mr. Yuuki came back from Tasmania today, which was his family day experience followed by Period 4 where we practiced our presentation in preparation for tonight when we will deliver it to the Wyndham City Council Dinner. (Sarah Graham).

Tuesday and Wednesday = Great Ocean Road = 2 days of bonding for the Estancia Delegation down The Great Ocean Road

Today was an amazing day for all of the American students! We first arrived at school and were able to talk and catch up with some of our friends about our amazing trip down the Great Ocean Road! After the bell rang we walked down to film for Hoppers TV. We were asked questions about Australia which some of us couldn’t answer! This made for an awkward situation! We then assembled in the Conference room where we had a nice quiet break from all the excitement! We replied to primary school students through letters, which was super cool! During third period we took a dance class! We learned different dances that we will be able to do at the Debutante Ball on Friday night. We took part in a Physical Education class during period 4 where we got to play Volleyball with Year 7 students and also got to kick around a footy (AFL football)! It was so fun! After school ended we got all dressed in our USA gear to battle it out with the Australian students. We played Volleyball and Dodgeball! It was so much fun. Of course we won!! We ended the night with our change over dinner. This is where we have dinner with our host families and deliver our presentation as well. It went very well. After the dinner it was time to gather our things and switch families! We each went home and settled into our new homes!! Overall we had an amazing day!!

Friday = Student Free Day / Staff Professional Development Day & Debutante Ball.

With a nice sleep in for all, we all met in the city to compete in teams at The Escape Rooms. Five teams were separated into 5 different rooms with one hour to try and escape the room. This was enjoyed by all and Mr. Yuuki said he wanted to come back to do them again (his team came third). From here we all got something something to eat, with the younger of us heading into Galactic Circus to play some arcade games. Next was the all mighty AFL game between Collingwood and North Melbourne…yay Collingwood won (Mr. Halge’s team)

Second round of Family Days has come around already and some of the delegation highlights are below (pictures).


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