The Debutante Ball & Phillip Island

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The Debutante Ball

On Friday the 5th of August Hoppers Crossing Secondary College celebrated the Annual Debutante Ball at Lakeside Function Centre. This event was attended by parents, teachers and friends as well as the 2016 Estancia Delegation. There were 11 Debutante’s on the night who presented themselves beautifully.

This night was a special treat for the Estancia Delegation and their chaperone Ms. Linda Tenno, as this is an event unlike any they have in Costa Mesa. The three-course meal was exceptional and the service provided by the staff was also excellent.

As always this event was an amazing experience for everyone involved, and we look forward to the 2017 Hoppers Crossing Secondary College Debutante Ball.

Philip Island

The following day, the Estancia Delegation and their host families along with other Hoppers Crossing Secondary College teachers buckled up and went on a road trip to Phillip Island.
The first stop on our list was ‘A Maze ‘N Things’ which is an attraction filled with optical illusions, a maze and mini golf course. Everybody made their way through the many optical illusions to the maze, where we were all split into groups of 5-6 people. We were then told by Mr Halge to find each coloured flag (purple, yellow, red and green) along with the blue sign underneath it saying ‘congratulations, you have reached the flag’.

We had to take a picture of this and make sure that all of the groups faces, the colour of the flag and the blue sign were in the picture. After all the pictures were taken we had to find our way out of the maze and to Mr Halge who would then declare the winner!

After an amazing time at ‘A Maze ‘N Things’ we travelled to Nobbies where we walked along the pathway to take pictures together while we waited for the Penguin Parade. When we got to the Penguin Parade we all sat together and around 6:20 the fairy penguins came out in little groups huddled together. Everyone involved had a lovely and eventful day.

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