Junior Curriculum (Years 7-9)

The Junior School at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College prides itself on its safe, open and inclusive learning environment.

The Junior School works towards building respectful classrooms that engage student interest with a focus of improvement and challenge. The Hoppers Crossing Secondary College Junior School learning environment reflects our positive school ethos that makes this school an exciting, stimulating and welcoming place to learn. We are able to do this by acknowledging individual differences and providing opportunities for all students to learn and succeed.

The learning programs at Year 7, 8 and 9 ensure that students have opportunities to participate in inquiry processes and decision making, helping to make them thoughtful, positive members of our community.

Year 7 & 8 Curriculum

In Year 7 and 8 students have a structured timetable, ensuring they have the chance to participate in all learning opportunities available at the College. All Year 7 & 8 students undertake the following Core Units for the entire year:

• English
• Mathematics
• Humanities
• Science
• Italian
• Numeracy
• Literacy
• Health & Physical Education

A range of semester-based special interest units are also undertaken which provide students the opportunity to develop skills and interest in units that will be available as electives from Year 9. Units include:

• Food Technology
• Art
• Drama
• Woodwork
• Metalwork
• Textiles
• Music

Year 9 Curriculum

The Year 9 learning program is tailored to ensure our students are engaged in their learning and allows our students to develop individual pathway plans early in their education. The curriculum provides a large range of free-choice elective units that are completed alongside the core units already experienced throughout Year 7 and 8. Students are guided through the course selection process in Term 3 of Year 8 in order to select the learning program that is best suited to their interests, academic goals and career aspirations. This process introduces students to the elective nature of our Senior School learning programs.

Year 9 Course Selection Form 2022
Course Selection Booklet 2022

Study Skills in the Junior Years

To facilitate improvement of student learning, the Junior School has a strong emphasis on the development of effective study skills.

Junior School students participate in sessions run by external group, ‘Elevate’ in order to learn new skills that will assist them to balance their studies and further their ability to study and revise effectively to ensure a deeper level of understanding.

All teachers receive training on the implementation of these techniques and ensure they are embedded into their teaching, allowing students to effectively implement these skills.

For further information please contact Junior Curriculum Manager, Ms Tahnee Curtain on (03) 9974 – 7777.