2023 College Captains

Hello! Our names are Claire Price and Jade Wolski, and we are the College Captains for 2023. We are really excited to be working with this year’s Student Representative Council and Principal Team, and to be representing the wider school community at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College.

As College Captains, we want to ensure that all students genuinely feel welcomed and feel as though they have a place at the school. We believe in fostering an environment where students can speak up for what they believe in, and influence change in their community. We want to do this through continuing the work of previous College Captains, focusing on connecting with the student cohort and promoting the role that the Student Representative Council has in helping represent student voice.
We both strongly believe in the College values of respect, responsibility, strong work ethic, and cooperation. We strive to embody these values in all aspects of our lives, and to be the type of captains this school deserves. We hope that by our SRC modelling these behaviours, we can help our whole school cohort to continue to lift the bar.
Our vision for 2023 is to strengthen a school culture of students getting involved with the many extra-curricular programs the school runs, and using their voice to speak up for change. It is our experience that extra-curricular activities  that match interests can encourage new friendships, skill building, and increased motivation to come to school each day. We will continue to promote the SRC Clubs Initiative, whereby students can create their own clubs. Furthermore, through engagement with students through the Student Representative Council, we aim to have everyone feel as though they have a voice, and can see improvements  occurring as a result.
We are looking forward to working with and representing the students throughout this year, and hope that we can help leave a positive legacy for the College in the future.
Our College Captain Stories:
I, Claire Price, have been in the Student Representative Council since 2019, amongst being involved with other programs in the school, such as Wakakirri. Through my time at this school, I have gained many leadership skills which have helped me work with my peers and the rest of the student body to improve and create change in the school. This year, I hope to continue representing the voices of the school community, and to foster a school spirit where everyone feels welcomed, and enjoys coming to school.
I, Jade Wolski have participated in many school events such as girls basketball for the interschool sports team as well as being a Junior House Captain in 2020. I aspire to represent the school in a positive manner and hope to inspire the leaders of this school today as well as future leaders through my time as College Captain. Furthermore, I hope to continue collaborating in a productive manner with the Student Representative Council in order to create a pleasing and safe environment for the students and staff at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College.